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ARC Stall Home
Welcome to the
ARC stall website where you'll find information on the finest value in non-rusting, American made
aluminum horse stalls
with heavy wall and super-heavy wall stall bars, and narrow gaps for safety.


ARC Stalls are now made with a new high-strength aluminum alloy.
This exciting technology plus our heavy-wall design offers the absolute finest in rust-free aluminum stalls.
Heavier aluminum than competitive products + an alloy that's much stronger simply means a better aluminum stall.

ARC stalls are tough and stay good-looking through the years.

No paint or coatings to flake and be ingested by your horses…no rust…no hassle.

You supply the lumber and labor and watch how quick and easy a top quality stall system goes together.

ARC  Integrated Systems
Production: 2375 Refugee Park, Columbus Ohio 43207, USA
2525 Berwick Blvd, Columbus Ohio 43209 USA
614 235 8181, 866 805 8005 toll-free, 614 235 6030 fax