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Watch Bendarc bending equipment in action.  Click here.


Tubing Bending Tools For Marine Professionals

The Bendarc & Crownarc tubing bending tools are the most widely used tools, world-wide, for fabricating canvas enclosures for pleasure boats. There are quality distributors across North America and in Europe. These 2 pieces of equipment and their interchangeable die system bring precision and professionalism to the marine canvas shop.

Watch Bendarc
and Crownarc
bending tools in action.

Many thanks to
Eric & Devlin
Custom Canvas Alaska LLC
Fairbanks Alaska
for the great video


Bendarc Quick-Switch Sizes & Prices

Bendarc Quick-Switch

  7/8” or 1”round
(22mm or 25mm)
11/4round 1” or 1 1/4" square
Bendarc 6” radius  $465    
Bendarc 8” radius $525    
Bendarc 10” radius $591 $816

$726 (1" only)

Bendarc 12” radius $720 $948 $930 (1" or 1 1/4")

Note:  1” square and 1¼” round models have the forming block encased in steel plate for extra strength and long life. 1¼” round has a longer, stronger, super-duty bend arm.  (HD arms are available for more leverage on other sizes)

Square Bendarcs use an inverted V (^) for strong, precise bends. 
The 12”, 1” square Bendarc is a lightning fast way to bend awning
ribs including 1" square and slotted "staple-in" tubing.

Bendarc Quick-Switch professional benders have interchangeable dies for tube size and radius.

The following parts allow you to change tube and radius sizes:

Forming Blocks 7/8”or 1”round
(22mm or 25mm)
11/4round 1” or 1 1/4" square

6”   radius $150    
8”   radius  $222    
10” radius  $291 $723-7 pc kit  $417 (1" only)
12” radius  $489 $894-7 pc kit $531 (1" or 1 1/4")
Bendarc Roller  $51 $57 $57 (1" or 1 1/4")
Clamp Block Assembly $40.50 $49.50 $40.50 (1" or 1 1/4")

Bend Arm - $162
HD Bend Arm - $183

Plastic Calculating Scale with instructions     $21
Bendarc Back-Plate, mount arms, with weld-nuts, $249


When ordering a forming block in a different tube size for your Bendarc Quick-Switch,
you will also need a clamp block and roller in that size. 

Older Bendarcs will not accept Quick-Switch parts. 

Quick-Switch models have square steel pull-down arms with 3 or 4 positions for the roller. 
Older 3 position arms cannot use 12” radius.
A 10% discount applies to additional Q-S parts ordered with a Bendarc.

Bendarc Rollers have high-strength steel, sleeve bearings for long life.

Bendarc is available in a double, high-production, sliding model.

Crownarc Sizes & Prices

  7/8”and 1”round
(22mm and 25mm)  
11/4”round 1”  or 1 1/4" square
3 roller
crank driven crowner
$426 $528 $468
w.extra large gears

Std. Crownarc
rolls 3/4 7/8” and 1” round tubing.

for 11/4” round tubing rolls 1” and
7/8” round tubes.
Crownarcs for round tube roll any round size smaller than the stated size.

Crownarc Parts List

  7/8 & 1”round
(22mm and 25mm)
11/4”round 1" or 1 1/4" square
Center Roller w bearing $54  63 $63
Outer Roller–not mounted  $54 $60 $60
Outer Roller–gear mounted $78 $108 extra-large gear $78
Slide Block Assembly-3 pc $39    (New style-minimizes wobble)
Hand Grip

$24  (New style-polished, heavy duty)

Crank Arm $42  (double-bent, drilled)
Back Plate w Weld Nut $165

Older Crownarcs will accept square rollers if they have
¾” roller shafts, approx. 8 3/8” on center between the lower rollers.& 1 1/4" rollers with large gears if there are 2 extra roller mount holes visible from the rear of the Crownarc.
(If not, 4 needed extra holes can be drilled)

This price list, dated March 14, 2012 supersedes all previous prices. Specifications and prices are subject to change.

ARC  Integrated Systems
Production: 2375 Refugee Park, Columbus Ohio 43207, USA
2525 Berwick Blvd, Columbus Ohio 43209 USA
614 235 8181, 866 805 8005 toll-free,
614 235 6030 fax